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Hi! I’m Charlie Rubin, and I run a boutique consulting firm specializing in complex database problems. We design databases, build databases, fix databases, and create snazzy tools for figuring out what the data means. And lately, it’s all in the cloud…



Elegant designs with optimized performance for any kind of reporting

performance tuning

We can repair legacy systems to provide super-fast queries

business intelligence

Star schemas and data cubes
support user-friendly
data visualization


Fast flexible data grids
optimized for large


My SQL Server
Amazon Aurora
Amazon Redshift
AWS Lambda
Google Big Query


  • "Charlie worked as a part-time consultant for us for two years. He is a highly skilled data analyst with decades of experience, and he particularly excels at the most difficult and messy tasks. In particular, he built a system to extract data from a vendor's internal database and create an entire reporting system that the vendor was unable to provide. This system is now an integral part of our workflow. I highly recommend Charlie for any level of work."

    Astor Services for Children & Families Bronx, NY May 2019

    Daniel Korovikov, Psy.D. Director of Analytics
  • "Our firm was very pleased with Charlie’s ability to understand our problem and deliver a solution on an extremely tight schedule in high-stakes litigation. I look forward to working with him again, and would recommend him without reservation to any of my colleagues!"

    Chaitman LLP New York, NY May 2019

    Agatha M. Cole Associate
  • "Charlie developed real-time data pipelines for us that enhance the quality and timeliness of our analytics and reporting. Charlie used a combination of Lambda, Python and SQL to convert several messy monthly data sources into the real-time incoming data stream we need."

    Vibrant Emotional Health (runs the National Suicide Prevention Hotline) New York, NY June 2019

    David Koosis CIO


Other Software

Although we specialize in database work, in truth we can develop just about any type of software you need.

My Background

  • Coding since age 13
  • Went to MIT at age 16
  • C/Unix, Sybase DBA
  • SQL Server expert
  • Entrepreneur & Social Entrepreneur
  • Database consulting over 20 years
  • Full resume on request
  • See me on LinkedIn


We’re located about 100 miles north of New York City, near the beautiful Catskill Mountains.
Most of our clients are in the New York metro area, but we can easily work with clients anywhere in the world.
We do all work remotely.

How we Work

We do projects large and small.
Depending on requirements, it may be just me, or I may bring on additional specialists to help out.
In all cases I do the design and architecture, the core database work, and I oversee and review everyone else’s work.

Projects we Own


A Meta-IVR Project (inactive)


Property Tax Reduction (active)


A Meta-IVR Project (inactive)


Property Tax Reduction (active)


Property Tax Reduction (active)


A Meta-IVR Project (inactive)


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